Berger 270 cal 170gr E.O.L Elite Hunter

Berger Bullet

SKU: 27575

This bullet is designed for maximum external and terminal ballistic performance in 270 caliber rifles that  have twist rates faster than the traditional 1:10”.

Nearly all rifles chambered for 270 caliber are fitted with 1:10” twist barrels.  This relatively slow twist limits the length, weight and BC of bullets that can be stabilized.  Typically, the heaviest 270 bullets are around 150 grains because that is all that can be stabilized in a 1:10” twist. However, if a faster twist barrel is used for a 270 rifle, it can stabilize a much longer, heavier and higher BC bullet.

It’s very important to understand the stability requirements of this new bullet.  Most 270 rifles do not have a fast enough twist barrel.  For full stability, Berger recommends a 1:8” twist or faster.

The Extreme Outer Limits MOA line of rifles are made with faster-than-conventional twist rates to stabilize such long, high performance bullets.  The 270 caliber MOA rifle comes with a 1:8.5” twist which is plenty of twist to stabilize the new Berger 170 grain EOL Elite Hunter in all conditions.

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