Berger 30 Cal 175gr OTM Tactical x 100 30105

Berger Bullet

SKU: 30105

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  • Quantity = 100 
  • G7 BC = 0.263
  • G1 BC = 0.512
  • Minimum Twist = 1:14" or faster
  • Optimal Twist = 1:12.5" or faster

These Tactical bullets are designed to bridge the gap between functionality and the highest possible ballistic performance. They are designed with a specific cartridge in mind, and will be successful at either magazine feedable lengths or loaded long for single shot firing situations. They are also made with thicker jackets, allowing them to perform reliably under the most abusive conditions found in tactical competition, tactical situations and in combat. The Hybrid bullet design blends a tangent and secant ogive. This gives shooters the best of both worlds by providing the best trajectory performance, while at the same time not requiring the bullet to be tuned to a specific seating depth like the VLD bullets.


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