AMP Annealing Machine

Annealing Made Perfect

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Unequalled electronic and metallurgical precision*

* US Patent App. No. 14/045,684

Get exact and repeatable neck hardness every time

  • All program settings established by laboratory micro-Vickers neck hardness tests.
  • No assembly required - start annealing brass right out of the box.
  • Change from one cartridge type to another in seconds.
  • All cartridges from 17 Hornet to 460 Weatherby.
  • No guesswork – no temperature pastes. Just select the correct pilot and program for your cartridge, and start annealing.
  • USB port to future proof for software updates.

Consistent neck hardness means more consistent pressure and velocity, and that means...




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Note: The AMP Annealing Machine does not come with the required pilots included. Please purchase the pilots separately here. It also requires a standard shellholder for your calibre.

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