Applied Ballistics for Long-Range Shooting 2nd Edition by Brian Litz

Applied Ballistics

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This new edition of Bryan Litz's comprehensive volume on long-range ballistics includes two additional chapters covering extended long-range shooting and monolithic bullets. Nearly every other chapter has been updated; the chapter on wind deflection has almost doubled in size. Bryan provides experimentally determined ballistic coefficient data for over 235 long-range bullets. Bryan thoroughly explains the fundamentals of long range ballistics to help anyone wishing to become an accomplished long-range shooter.

Topics covered include ballistic coefficients, gravity drop, wind deflection, uphill/ downhill shooting, the Coriolis Effect, spin drift, effective sight use, and bullet stability, with performance analysis for hunters, competitive shooters, and tactical/lethality type shooting, all in a reader-friendly writing style so you can develop the necessary tools to calculate precise trajectories for long-range shooting. 

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