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JB Bore Paste


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  • J-B bore paste is ideal for the removal of burned-on, caked-in powder residue and copper jacket fouling out of gun barrels
  • No reported damage of rifling

J-B has been a favorite on gunsmiths’ benches for years, as a "magic" cure for customer guns that "...just won’t shoot anymore". These pros know that a good scrubbing with J-B often restores accuracy. Match and varmint shooters put a lot of rounds down range, many of those using moly coated bullets. The large amounts of copper fouling and the burned-in moly can create a cleaning nightmare; J-B makes short work of it. UseJ-B with the Lewis Lead Remover to get the last speck of leading out of pistol bores. Shotguns combine lead, powder and plastic fouling to really throw patterns off; J-B cleans it all out quickly and easily.

JB Bore Cleaning compound guide

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