Boretech Patch Hog Cleaning System


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Boretech's Patch Hog Cleaning System eliminates the mess and odor of used patches and solvents with an ingenious system that can be used with any plastic drink bottle. After sliding the Patch Hog over your barrel, twist in an empty soft drink or water bottle to catch used patches as they exit. Makes for easy disposal and re-usability. THe Patch hog system will fit any barrel and even rifles with iron sights.


Clean and Safe

  • No more splattered or dripping solvents
  • Eliminates patch pickup and solvent odors
  • Prevents damage to floors & carpet

Quick and Easy

  • Simply slides onto all barrel types
  • Quick and safe disposal
  • Solvent proof, polymer material
  • Reusable and Eco friendly

Collections: $40 to $80, All, BoreTech, Google Shopping

Type: Accessories

Vendor: BoreTech

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