Lapua Brass 6mm BR Norma Cartridge Case x 100


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Lapua World-class brass begins with high-quality raw materials and superior smelting and metallurgical competence. Throughout the production process, the focus on quality control is consistent with Lapua's exacting standards. Particular attention is paid to hardness, solidity and grain structure. All Lapua brass is tested to 30% overpressure according to Commission Internationale Permanente, the agency that oversees ammunition and component producers in Western Europe.

Technical Information
  • Caliber: 6mm BR (Bench Rest)
  • Finish: Brass

  • Important Note about 6mm BR Lapua Brass:
    Brass is headstamped 6MM Norma BR to meet European CIP requirements but the case dimensions are IDENTICAL to the 6mm BR Remington. This may cause confusion as some people understand the cartridge cases are different in dimensions. In fact it is the chamber dimensions, not the cartridge dimensions that changed. 6mm BR and 6mm BR Norma use the same case specifications however the difference between the two is the cartridge overall length specification with the BR Norma utilizing a longer heavier bullet.

    In 1995 Norma adopted the 6mm BR and submitted a new "chamber" specification for certification by the European CIP board. The chamber specification differs from the North American SAAMI specifications in the throat dimension. This change in the chamber throat dimension does not affect or change the cartridge case dimensions in any way. Always make sure to use the correct ammunition in the firearm being shot.

    New, unprimed brass should always be resized before loading. This brass has undergone factory annealing which extends brass life, as a result of the annealing process the neck portion of the brass may be discolored until the case is cleaned. This is not loaded ammunition.

    Lapua brass is now shipped in an instant ammo box: Lapua is now shipping their 100 count boxes of brass in a reusable plastic box that instantly transforms into a 50-round ammo box when emptied. Inside the box on the lid is a grid that contains holes for 50 loaded rounds of ammunition or empty brass. Simply lay the grid across the supports inside the box and it's now converted to an ammo box.


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