Sinclair Bullet Comparator Body


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This Sinclair Comparator is an excellent tool to use to sort bullets by base to give length. This is a valuable step if you are considering trimming the bullet meplat.


NOTE: When sorting a lot of bullets, a digital caliper is sometimes a better choice for some handloaders than a dial caliper.

Our Sinclair Bullet Comparator attaches to the blade of your caliper and uses inserts for each specific caliber. The inserts are stainless steel and machined with a taper and a short straight section to more accurately duplicate the chamber throat. This eliminates the wobble experienced with many comparators which have standard drilled holes. Our design allows you to quickly and accurately measure the bullet's bearing surface of the bullet. Comparator inserts are available in 17 thru 45 caliber, and they can be used in both the Sinclair and older Stoney Point comparator bodies. These inserts are not intended to measure rounds seated to magazine length or shorter.


From Sinclair International



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