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Oil Ballistol Aerosol 200ml



Well tried and unequalled! For maintaining metal, wood, leather, rubber, synthetic material, skin, animal’s coat and much more.

Areosols only available in store

Ballistol is an extremely affective and versatile product, used to lubricate mechanical parts. It also acts as a corrosion inhibitor. General uses include motor vehicles, boats, bikes etc.
There are no equivalents on the market place that offer the same level of lubrication, cleaning and protection as Ballistol.
Ballistol can also be used to treat plastic and leather dash

  • Lubricant & corrosion inhibitor
  • Neutralises acidic residues
  • Waterproof leather and prevents mildew
  • Preserves wood in extreme damp or dry
  • Cleans all metals
  • Disinfects
  • Biodegradable & non toxic
  • Miscible in water
  • Electrically insulating
  • Ultra violet filtering
  • Never gums up

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