Optimum Ballistic Techniques for NRAA Rifle Competition by Graham Mincham

Graham Mincham

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This is a technical discussion on how to obtain the best rifle tuning result for both short and long range rifle competition and in the Target Rifle, F-Standard, FTR, Match Rifle and F-Open disciplines.  It includes a discussion of ballistics, the various technical techniques for obtaining the optimum nodal tuning result and typical results for the various disciplines.

This booklet includes the result of the author’s research into ballistics during his employment in the Australian Defence Laboratories in the early 2000’s and under the guidance of one of the world’s top ballistic scientist.  Later information has been generated since his retirement and due to ongoing research since 2004 on new and novel nodal tuning techniques based on barrel length.  This is unique work to Australia and may therefore be a surprise for many Australian competition shooters.

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